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Unlock Your Business Potential in Dubai with Pictor Corp's Streamlined Business Setup Solutions

PictorCorp offers expert business setup solutions to our US and UK clients, guiding them through strategic company formation in Dubai to navigate complex business landscapes, mitigate costs, and unlock avenues for global growth and financial resilience through effective cost-cutting measures.

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Find Your Niche, Build Your Empire in Dubai: Explore Business Activities with Pictor Corp

Well, fret no more! At PictorCorp, we specialize in navigating the complex world of taxation, helping businesses like yours save big and thrive. By strategically forming your company in tax-free Dubai, we empower you to reduce tax liabilities while expanding your global footprint. Let’s join forces and pave the way to financial freedom and prosperity together!

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Company Registration in Dubai

Navigating the complexities of registering a company in a foreign jurisdiction can be daunting, but our expert team ensures a smooth process. We assist in selecting the ideal business structure and manage all paperwork for efficient registration in Dubai.

Profit Reinvestment Solutions

Our consultation services aid in identifying investment opportunities, diversifying portfolios, and optimizing capital returns.

Tax Optimization Strategies

Establish your business in Dubai and benefit from tax-free earning, retaining all your profits. Our team creates tailored tax strategies, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Pictor Corp

Who We Are

PictorCorp is a flagship project of NSOL BPO for Human Resources Consultancies CO. L.L.C., specializing in expert tax consultation and strategic company formation in Dubai to mitigate tax burdens. As part of the YC Solutions Group of Companies, we are dedicated to innovation and excellence, alongside ventures like Your Cloud Campus, NSOL, Galaxy Realtors, and Cloud Rexpo, shaping industries and driving success.

Your Cloud Campus (YCC) is an online tutoring portal owned by Niku Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore. YCC provides a global platform – where a variety of educational requirements are met at one portal. NSOL provides a broad portfolio of Business Process and Information Technology solutions to its clients worldwide. Our core expertise lies in Business Process Outsourcing and Recruiting Professional Staffing. Galaxy Realtors aims to turn the vision of Modern Pakistan into reality. Project planning, supervision Marketing, and long-run sustenance of the project are key parameters for our professional team. CLOUD REXPO provides a virtual meeting room for visitors interested in buying or selling property in Pakistan.


Discover your tax-saving potential!

Use our calculator to calculate your US tax liability and see how forming your company in the UAE can cut your tax bill.

Clients Review

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying

Abbie Stancato

What I appreciate most about NSOL BPO is their sincere approach to customer service and effective communication. I highly recommend their services, and my endorsement is based on my personal experience. Their team is highly consistent in delivering top-notch quality and follow-ups, making them a highly recommended option for anyone looking for excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and outstanding follow-up support.

Kisha Hayes

I truly value the effort and dedication NSOL BPO put into their work. It's truly remarkable how their driving progress. With the support of NSOL, I feel confident in facing any challenges and consider myself fortunate. I'm motivated and satisfied with the progress I'm making.

Rosanna Rojo

Excited to embark on this journey with your team! Our combined strengths offer a wealth of opportunities for growth. Together, I have no doubt we can achieve remarkable things. Your belief in my business and commitment to our shared goals is truly appreciated. I'm confident your involvement will be instrumental in accelerating our progress. Thanks for partnering with us – looking forward to a successful future!

Randy Everett

NSOL BPO's been a game-changer for our business. Their efficient team seamlessly took over our back-office tasks, allowing us to redirect our internal focus on strategic initiatives. We were particularly impressed with their responsiveness and clear communication, keeping us informed throughout the process. The high-quality work delivered by NSOL BPO has resulted in a significant boost in our overall efficiency.

Cherie Laake

Since bringing NSOL on board, I am super excited, very, very excited. This is like a dream come true with 19 years in the business. This is what I've needed all these 19 years. And I feel like even though NSOL is on the other side of the earth or whatever, we've got a rapport going and they’re doing a phenomenal job. We're getting into a relationship to where we can almost read each other's minds.

Glory Bee Costa

I just wanted to speak for a moment about the NSOL company that I'm working with. I found them online and started interviewing numerous companies and wound up choosing this one. I'm thrilled with the process and the abilities they have. And sometimes I think they train me things


Hello everyone, I'm Ximena Ibarra from New York City. Last year I decided to hire a company. Nsol was a company that I chose for security reasons and how professional they were and how they are. Now I've been with them for more than a year.

Maria Demarco

NSOL is doing a great job. I’ve already said this to my husband a couple of times. I wish I had been in contact with you two years ago because I think it just would have been a completely different experience for us.

Question Answer

Frequently Asked Questions


UAE offers strategic location, stability, tax benefits, top-notch infrastructure, and access to global markets, making it an ideal choice for business growth.

The UAE boasts a corporate tax rate of 0% in most cases, whereas the USA's corporate tax rate can range from 21% to 35%, depending on income levels.

Your business operations in the USA will continue seamlessly. Payments will be processed through your UAE merchant account, registered under your UAE business entity. Additionally, we offer round-the-clock support to address any queries or concerns you may encounter.

While some US states offer tax-free programs, UAE often provide broader tax benefits, including no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, and minimal bureaucratic hurdles, making them attractive options for businesses seeking comprehensive tax optimization strategies. Moreover, despite exemptions in certain states, the US still maintains a complex tax system with numerous regulations and compliance requirements.

Yes, we offer ongoing support and assistance to our clients even after the completion of company incorporation or visa processing to ensure their continued success in the UAE.

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