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About Us

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About Us

Unlock Tax Savings with Dubai Company Formation - Your Path to Reduced Taxation in the US!

At PictorCorp, we understand the challenges faced by businesses in the US, where hefty tax burdens can hinder growth and profitability. That’s why we offer a strategic solution to alleviate these tax pressures while opening doors to growth opportunities in tax haven states like Dubai. By registering your company in Dubai, we not only minimize your tax burdens but also pave the way for expansion and prosperity through customized cost-cutting solutions designed specifically for your business needs. As a dedicated tax consultancy company serving US clients, we are committed to maximizing savings and driving success.

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Pictor Corp

Our Mission

At PictorCorp, we’re on a mission to help businesses in the US thrive without drowning in tax woes. By hitting two targets with one aim, we cut through the red tape and open doors to growth opportunities in tax haven states like Dubai. Let’s team up to trim your tax bill and chart a course for success together!

Pictor Corp

Our Vision

Our vision at PictorCorp is to become the go-to destination for businesses worldwide seeking dynamic and innovative tax consultancy services and growth opportunities in Dubai. With a focus on providing innovative and customized business solutions, we aim to lead the way in empowering our clients to optimize their tax strategies and expand their global reach.

Why PictorCorp?

Tax planning is the process of ensuring that all aspects of your financial plan work together in such a way that they reduce your overall tax bill as much as is legally possible. Minimizing your taxes allows you to grow your investments faster. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service that surpasses our clients’ expectations. Our team of seasoned professionals combines expertise in tax law, corporate governance, and international business to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and goals. With a proven track record of success, we are committed to helping you achieve financial freedom and prosperity.



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Meet with Team

Imran Zeb

Group CEO and Founder

Shahid Iqbal


Adnan Zeb


Shahid Umar


Aisha Imran


Faheem Ur Rehman


M. Atique Ur Rehman

Project Director

Maria Afrin


Mohsin Ali Khan

Chief Financial Officer

M. Moeez Iqbal

Manager Development

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